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Education is the way out of poverty. The families we work with know this, but many live far away from schools and lack income to pay for their children to attend. We provide ways for those in need to learn.
Education provides children with opportunities to eradicate poverty, gain a voice in their community and experience a better quality of life. In areas we operate, thousands of children are unable to attend school.


You can help empower a child and change his/her future by supporting their education. It only costs about $150 to educate a child for an entire year in some areas where we work.

Village Schools
YIDP helps isolated communities build classrooms and schools. In places where children walk for miles to the nearest school, or meet outdoors under a tree, a classroom provides shade from the sun and shelter from monsoon rains.

It’s hard to imagine, but in most developing countries, school is not 100% free. Poor families struggle to afford school fees, uniforms, and school supplies. YIDP offers scholarships for high school, and helps parents with young children pay primary school fees as well as orphans.

Opening Up a World of Sound to Hearing Impaired Children
We provide hearing impaired students in Kenya with hearing assessments, hearing aids, and special classes to learn to communicate (some for the first time). Children are taught to hear their own voices and learn to speak, read and write.
Opening Up a world of Sight to the blind
YIDP has been working so closely with local schools with the blind. We provide learning materials to the blind as well as the white stick. The blind has really been challenged and most of them drop out from school since many schools are not equipped with their learning materials as well as the specialist teachers to teach them. Many special school for the blind are private and a poor parent for the blind cannot afford the cost