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One of the YIDP specific objective is not to help young people escape poverty, but rather to help them overcome it. By giving the vulnerable the skills and the confidence they need to have the courage to be vocal and realize their plans, YIDP shall provide them with an opportunity to take ownership of their future and transform not only their lives, but the lives of their families as well and the community at large.

For YIDP, art, sports, and fashion are an integral part of vocational training because being a success is not just about learning to “do;” it is first and foremost about learning to believe in oneself.

Dance, music, athletics, soccer, acrobatics, karate, yoga, and jewelry and sandal making are just a few of the myriad activities offered by the center. Events shall be organized on a regular basis to present the work of the young people and showcase their creations.

As a result of the support provided by YIDP, dozens of youths will be able to pass through the process will be able to earn an income from their work at the center, and many plan to start their own businesses. With the help of volunteers, these young people shall find a way to do something that they like while contributing to the development of their community.


The gifts, talents and capacities the children and youth possess simply need an avenue to be nurtured, encouraged, and motivated. These opportunities should not be limited by economic means music is a universal language that can be expressed and shared by everyone.”

Of course, children and youth are not the only ones who can benefit from music education, ensemble work and access to musical instruments. We target to put up YIDP band to tap music talents in slums and villages.