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Thank you for your interest in supporting our work! Every dollar you give makes a tremendous difference in the lives of youth and their families.

YIDP does not receive any government funding and therefore depends on individuals and organizations that understand and support the potential of this initiative and join with their contribution, partnership. In this way, YIDP is the result of many people, organizations and initiatives contributing part of their efforts to the program, and the program connecting these parts into a community effort. This kind of community supported education has been what we set out to do, and is what is still happening.

It is a great gift to know that we have partners not only in the practical and educational matters, but also partners who are willing to support with financial means to create free spaces in which new initiative can develop.

We welcome and thank you for your trust and support expressed in your donation and look forwards to keep giving youth a chance to explore their fullest potential and take initiative towards a better world. You can donate to the YIDP Program to participate and support the program in its intention to be inclusive and diverse. This helps to cover staff, material and other expenses or to the participants who can’t pay the full tuition fee.

Kind Donations

YIDP. accepts in-kind donations to support and improve all areas of our organization. These can include hospital supplies, office and school supplies, arts, athlete’s materials and crafts materials, and recreational supplies. These materials and equipment are valuable for our youth programs.

To find out more about making kind donation, please contact info@yidpk.org