•  Donate and give a Future to the Youth

    Donate and give a Future to the Youth

    Every day, YIDP helps people in the poorest communities in Africa to survive and thrive. Your donation will help us continue to lift children, women and families out of poverty around the world.

  • Transform a life

    Transform a life

    You might feel nothing can be done to help people suffering in poverty. The problems seem too difficult to tackle and eradicate. Our perspective: We can't change the entire world at once, but when we join hands, we can transform one life at a time.

  • Our  Work with Youths

    Our Work with Youths

    enrich your commitment to the engagement of young people as active participants, recognizing their unique perspectives, skills, and values.

  • Make a change

    Make a change

    Nurturing talent is a great way to invest in your community. No matter how much time you have to offer, you’ll give more children, teens, families, and adults the opportunity to lead happier, healthier lives.