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The problem is more pronounced among the primary pupils and secondary students aged between the ages of 5-18 years. The project is undertaken due to the increased pupil dropout rate in public primary schools causing wastage and affecting curriculum implementation. We seek to establish conducive environment for all to reduce the challenges faced by our young people in the rural communities in Kenya.
With a view of Western Kenya, poverty in the rural communities and lack of engaging projects or activities to carryout mental well-being practices has made thousands of young people depressed, forced to commit suicide or into early marriages, high rate of in discipline and early pregnancies. Some marry themselves in drugs and substance abuse eventually join gangs. Consequently, this demographic has no access quality education or basic healthcare, no infrastructure or formal social structures and for the many who have lost family members, no mentors. It has been identified that young people may lack direction during adolescence due to poor parenting and lack of adult role models. Through this project no child from the poor community will be left behind.

In response to this, the Youth Initiative Development Programme aim to collaborate with school teachers, community & church leaders and parents to focus on mental well-being of each child in multi-ethnic football/handball/volleyball/table tennis training that promote healthy behavioral among the young people in the rural and slums community (both in schools and at home). This project will treat each day as the most critical time of a youth’s growth. The program will be offered free to participants, with an aim to establish healthy habits and develop critical life skills through trained coach-mentors and family engagement.

During the training YIDP, trained government health experts and teachers shall facilitate children about good behavior formation, character, teamwork, self-esteem & new skills at school and help develop their self-confidence to successfully deal with significant life changes and challenges in the future. We believe they will make a different world tomorrow