Sport is the primary intervention tool that YIDP uses to propel children, youth, and communities. It has proved to be a unique and innovative all-terrain medium that knows no bounds. It is international in scope, intercultural in appeal and there are no social hang-ups. It moves swiftly through all different races, religions, ages, gender, and status. Sport is a great common denominator, opening doors to all levels of society. It does not discriminate.
Currently, football is a major sports code for the youthful community in Kenya. The program is managed by our Sports council formed by youth who have a passion for Sports for Mental Wellbeing. It involves a number of activities aimed at developing youth and children’s sports talent in the area and impacting future development both in sports and through sports in the country.
We are also focusing on training professional football coaches, referees, sports administrators, athletic and first-aid injury therapists, and event management leaders (leagues & tournaments). In the future, we plan to have a football academy for the community in Kakamega County, Nairobi County, Siaya County, Homabay County, and Kisumu County, Kenya, with well-developed sports facilities including a well-managed field.