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Change a Life Through Education

Education is the way out of poverty. The families we work with know this, but many live far away from schools and lack income to pay for their children to attend. We provide ways for those in need to...

Improving Health in the Society

YIDP shall work hand-in-hand with Partners to improve health by combating Cancer, Malaria, Sickle cell anemia, TB and other preventable infections and diseases, through integrated socio-economic and cultural development in the fight against poverty. YIDP shall spans its programs...


ICT has become a significant factor of development, having a profound impact on political, economic and social life of youth. Young people are using ICT to access knowledge, employment opportunities, entertainment, sports training, meetings and poverty eradication strategies.

Youth Education and Training (Educonnect)

To enhance education and training for the youth, strategies that will be applied include developing a curriculum for use in youth polytechnics, identifying, supporting and partnering efforts of communities, groups, non-profit organizations, places of worship, especially in technical,

Youth Empowerment and Participation

We recognizes the importance of youth participation in decision-making at all levels because this will lead to better policy formulation, implementation and evaluation. Youth inclusion strengthens their commitment to leadership, governance, understanding of human rights and democracy.

Youth, Leisure, recreation, and community service

Leisure, recreation, and community service are important activities in the life of youth as they contribute to their personal development. These activities positively engage youth and are particularly important in promoting social skills and values such as teamwork, tolerance,