Company Membership

Membership Requirements

To become a company member of YIDP (Youth Initiative Development Programme) in the areas of sports, education, health and well-being, poverty relief among the youth, stakeholder engagement, ICT, and pandemic preparedness, the following criteria may apply:

  1. Alignment with YIDP’s Mission: The company should align with the mission and values of YIDP, which focus on youth development and well-being in the mentioned areas.
  2. Relevant Expertise: The company should possess expertise and experience in one or more of the focus areas mentioned, demonstrating their capability to contribute effectively.
  3. Commitment to Collaboration: The company should be willing to collaborate with YIDP and other partners to achieve common goals and make a positive impact on youth development.
  4. Resource Contribution: The company may be expected to contribute resources such as funding, infrastructure, expertise, or other support relevant to the focus areas and initiatives.
  5. Social Impact: The company’s activities and initiatives should demonstrate a commitment to creating a positive social impact, particularly in relation to youth development and well-being.
  6. Legal and Ethical Compliance: The company should adhere to legal and ethical standards in their operations and activities.

Specific criteria and requirements for company membership may vary depending on the nature of the membership and the specific initiatives involved. It is recommended to directly contact YIDP through their official email address to inquire about company membership opportunities and obtain detailed information on their specific requirements and processes.