YIDP is working in disadvantaged communities (rural and slums) in Kenya. We target families from poor low income groups with no education facility, youth and children will be provided with school supplies, uniforms, scholarships for ages between 6 to 16 years. YIDP wants to provide a facility for the student or school drop out with education and skills support for 1,000 young people through this project.

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YIDP team will conduct a survey to select vulnerable young people age between 5 to 20 years for education support funds to pay for;

  • school fees, uniforms, and nutritious meals.
  • provided with small business loans, entrepreneur skills, and leadership training – for the most disadvantaged families.

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Youth education is very low in slum & rural areas, youth and children are the most deprived, vulnerable & illiterate in low-income families, through this project young person age between 5 to 20 will be provided with educational facilities, entrepreneur skills, and small business support to help them to generate income and skills for themselves, YIDP will take responsibility for 1,000 young persons with education, entrepreneur skills at the household level.