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Responsible Gambling Practices and Harm Reduction Symposium

March 29 - March 30

Kenya has one of the highest rates of gambling in the world, with an estimated 1 in 5 adults being a regular gambler. This high rate of gambling has led to a number of mental health problems, including anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem.

A Responsible Gambling Practices and Harm Reduction Symposium would be a valuable opportunity to discuss the issue of gambling addiction in Kenya and to develop strategies to reduce the harm it causes.

The Responsible Gambling Practices and Harm Reduction Symposium aims to address the critical issue of youth gambling in Kenya and its potential impact on mental wellbeing. This symposium will bring together a diverse group of stakeholders, including representatives from the gambling industry, mental health professionals, academics, government officials, youth advocates, and community leaders. By fostering dialogue and knowledge exchange, the symposium seeks to develop collaborative strategies to promote responsible gambling practices and reduce harm among young gamblers in Kenya, with a specific focus on safeguarding their mental wellbeing.

Here are our key objectives:

  1. Raise Awareness: Increase awareness about the relationship between youth gambling and mental health challenges among symposium attendees.
  2. Responsible Gambling Measures: Share insights into successful responsible gambling practices and initiatives within the gambling industry.
  3. Harm Reduction Strategies: Explore evidence-based harm reduction strategies to prevent excessive gambling and protect youth from potential harm.
  4. Collaborative Solutions: Facilitate collaborative discussions and brainstorming sessions to develop actionable solutions to address youth gambling and mental wellbeing.
  5. Empowering Youth: Provide a platform for youth representatives to voice their concerns, experiences, and suggestions related to gambling and mental health.The one-day symposium will feature keynote presentations, panel discussions, expert-led sessions, breakout workshops, and interactive networking opportunities.

Here are some potential session topics for a Responsible Gambling Practices and Harm Reduction Symposium:

Session 1: Understanding Gambling Behavior and Its Impact on Individuals and Communities

Exploring the psychological and sociological aspects of gambling behavior.
Examining the prevalence of gambling addiction and its effects on individuals, families, and society.
Identifying risk factors and vulnerable populations for problem gambling.

Session 2: Best Practices in Responsible Gambling Education and Awareness

Discussing effective educational programs and campaigns to promote responsible gambling behavior.
Sharing successful examples of responsible gambling initiatives and their impact on reducing harm.
Exploring innovative approaches to reach different demographics, including youth and vulnerable groups.

Session 3: Collaborative Approaches: Partnerships between Industry, Government, and NGOs

Analyzing the role of gambling operators in promoting responsible gambling practices.
Discussing effective collaborations between governments, NGOs, and industry stakeholders in implementing harm reduction strategies.
Examining the challenges and opportunities of multi-sector partnerships.
Session 4: Implementing Effective Self-Exclusion and Player Protection Tools

Understanding self-exclusion programs and their effectiveness in preventing problem gambling.
Discussing the role of technology in implementing player protection tools, such as spending limits and cool-off periods.
Sharing experiences and best practices in implementing and evaluating these tools.

Session 5: Harm Reduction Strategies for Online Gambling and Mobile Apps

Exploring the unique challenges of responsible gambling in the online and mobile gambling environment.
Discussing technological solutions to monitor and prevent excessive gambling behaviors online.
Identifying opportunities for industry innovation to enhance player protection and responsible gambling practices in the digital space.
Session 6: Responsible Marketing and Advertising in the Gambling Industry

Examining the impact of gambling advertising on vulnerable populations and youth.
Discussing ethical marketing practices and guidelines for the gambling industry.
Identifying strategies to ensure responsible advertising and minimize harm.

Session 7: Addressing Comorbidity: Overlapping Issues of Problem Gambling and Mental Health

Understanding the connections between problem gambling and mental health disorders.
Discussing integrated approaches for addressing co-occurring problems.
Exploring best practices in providing mental health support for individuals affected by problem gambling.

Session 8: Evaluating the Effectiveness of Responsible Gambling Programs

Discussing methodologies for assessing the impact and effectiveness of responsible gambling initiatives.
Sharing research findings on the outcomes of harm reduction strategies.
Identifying areas for improvement and future research in responsible gambling practices.

The symposium will feature keynote addresses from industry experts, government representatives, and mental health professionals. Panel discussions, interactive workshops, and case studies will facilitate in-depth conversations and knowledge sharing. There will also be opportunities for networking and collaboration between stakeholders.

Audience: The symposium is open to representatives from the gambling industry, government officials, mental health practitioners, researchers, NGOs, youth organizations, and anyone interested in promoting responsible gambling and harm reduction in Kenya.

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March 29
March 30
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