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08 June, 2018
Tangaza University College, Join us

Join us:

Tired of feeling helpless and hopeless? If you knew how to assess a person for suicide, YOU might be the one saving a family member, a friend at school, a co-worker, a neighbor, or even a church member. Know Your stance and how to strike when the moment is right by arming yourself through this hands on interactive seminar. We are yet to do an intense hands on seminar to help youth, their parents, and other adults be able to assess when a person is seriously considering taking their life. The purpose is NOT to learn how to counsel someone but to get someone “safe for now” and professional help they might need. In addition to our leadership team, there will be a certified family counselor doing a parent break out session. This event will be FREE, but we will be receiving donations to help cover the costs of the training materials and to raise money for a documentary we are putting together on suicide. (Recommended for ages 15+)

What you will learn:

– Know the signs

– Understand the myths

– What to say

– When to say it

– Share your Story

– Putting God in the mix

– What’s going on in that brain anyway?!? (parent breakout in understanding their kids’ brain growing up)

The seminar begins on Friday at 8:00am-4:30pm and then finishes on Saturday 8:00am-1:30pm. (Both days necessary to complete the seminar). Concessions for drinks and snacks will be available.