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As per our annual event, I wanted to remind you of our upcoming Shidamtaani Charity event. Event is schedule on 20/12/2016 in five counties and fundraising date schedule on 10/11/2016.
We are seeking donors to support this fundraiser. We are asking for either donations of products, money, volunteer time or all three. If you are interested in supporting this effort, please contact us at info@yidpk.org to meet our target of $50000
Every coin counts. During the holiday we would want to engage the marginalize person in all the counties of operation.We shall conduct leadership training and potential discovery among the youths, do free health camp in the villages to support healthy living among the poor, introduction of agribusiness and ICT talks, talent nurturing through holding tournaments, visiting some orphanage homes and giving a caring hand where necessary, counselling of youths affected with HIV/AIDS, support the disabled with crutches, white stick, wheelchair and anything necessary, free cervical screening, reproductive health talks, meeting children and youths we support at college/university/primary school level and sharing challenges they face and pay their fee for the next semester among others. Please share this information to reach many people. Be part of the caring hands touching heart and transforming lives.
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