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Our Board of Trustees

We have an extraordinary Board of Trustees comprising of 5 members that, by tradition and practice, has always been active and deeply engaged in our work. The Board’s primary responsibilities include defining the mission, vision, strategies, and policies of the organization and overseeing YIDP.’s governance and financial management. In addition, Board members actively volunteer in YIDPS. projects, they serve as mentors to our staff

Board members act as stewards to the organization, working together to effectively achieve the mission of YIDP. They provide legal and fiduciary oversight on the organization; play an active role in mobilizing resources for program implementation; set strategic direction in policy; delegate authority and responsibility to management and staff for the day-to-day implementation of the organization’s work. The BOT has appointed various Board Committees that deal with the issues of resource mobilisation, audits, human resource management, legal/ethical, and procurement.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and the Senior Management Team (SMT) have responsibility for the stewardship of program resources, oversee the technical delivery, coordinate the program strategy with the partners and ensure smooth project implementation according to set budgets and targets.

The Head of Programs oversees all the projects and provides oversight, management and coordination on all project managers as well as technical advice on all issues related to the design, development and strategic management and direction of projects. This is conducted through various designated project management teams.

The Head of Finance & Operations oversees the administrative, logistical and financial management for the organization and projects.