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Youth and  Technology

ICT has become a significant factor of development, having a profound impact on political, economic and social life of youth. Young people are using ICT to access knowledge, employment opportunities, entertainment, sports training, meetings and poverty eradication strategies. To take advantage of the benefits created by ICT, YIDP will create opportunities for youth participation through use of ICT for youth development.

The YIDP ICT program is an early intervention program aimed at promoting the tools and opportunities to empower the future of tomorrow. The objective is to assist marginalized youths between the ages of 15-36 years to become familiarized with the digital-age in a global environment by bridging the digital divide through ICT. Computers and technological literacy are an essential tool for education, agriculture, talent nurturing, innovation, business and communication in today’s world. Those without access ICT often lack opportunity and are therefore marginalized. With ICT, the digital divide is brought closer by providing training and access to these youths Youth in the marginalized areas face a great challenge to get internet for research.  YIDP shall partner with institutions which offer radio services to support the radio stations of Kenya in the process of development of rural communities on issues of sustainable agricultural development.  Through such partnerships YIDP plans to provide free internet to remote schools in rural and slums areas.

Our more advanced program is the Code mentor giants twelve week immersive coding, graphics and app development technique aimed at providing rigorous technology-based entrepreneurial development and leadership training aspiring developers. The aim is to identify Kenyas’s most promising information technology talents and empower them with the skills and leadership training through our partner organizations to enable them to succeed. The goal will be to impart knowledge, skills, mentor-ship, and experiences that enables these youths to acquire and create technological jobs in this new digital age.
Our twelve week Technique program offers two tracks. First track will targets youths between the ages of 15-18 who are selected from select partnering schools while second track will be selected finalists of the YIDP ICT giants’ day Program. Participants proceed on with ICT skills that will facilitate and position them to access the tech economy.