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Don’t you know children living in poverty in Africa have a diet completely lacking protein, fruits and vegetables. You can help a malnourished child grow strong through donating $ 20 to provide supplemental food, vitamins and medical care.

Please help us buy laptops for student we support at the college/campus, we need to buy them laptop for college so that they can complete research work, homework, take notes, and just help them for the basic things they will need a computer for in college. They have been lagging behind as their fellow student in possession of laptops submit their work in time. The labs within the campus do not operate at night and this affects their studies. 1 good used laptop in kenya is $200. All assignments need to be typed. It is for sure a challenge to learn without a laptop. Most of the time they would go and borrow a laptop from their friends. But they also had their own assignments, so sometimes they couldn’t lend it to them. They would wait until their friends finished their assignments so that they could borrow their laptops, and would end up doing their assignments in a panic. Sometimes they hand the assignments in late, which meant a deduction of marks.

Attending college/university without a laptop is a big challenge. Find it in your heart and donate anything you have to help buy laptop for these children of God. We really appreciate your donation in advance and it’s always our prayer that God should bless the caring hand that giveth towards this initiative to transform many lives. I know it’s out of love that such a gift may be given. PayPal email address donation@yidpk.org.For more information email us on info@yidpk.org. www.yidpk.org .