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Rev. Benard Obuya

Rev. Benard Obuya is a passionate senior pastor of Community Baptist Church and a counselor Professional, and joined Youth Initiative Development Programme in 2016. He now oversees programmes across the organisation nationally.
The passion for making interventions to empower the needy youths is to some extent influenced by his background. Rev. Benard was brought up in a poverty stricken family, and was exposed to much lack and abuse, including going to school barefooted even at grade10. Through inspiration and mentorship from one of his grade 10 educators, Benard was determined to change the course of his life, to emancipate himself from poverty through education. With the help of an uncle, Benard managed to go through to university. Benard has worked as an educator, a researcher on education issues in Africa, a researcher on psychosocial support for Orphans and other Vulnerable Children. He has also been involved with International NGOs working to empower children and the needy. Benard is also co-founded Kayole Baptist Church, a community based initiative to help children in Kayole slum. He is also a lifelong learner, being a holder of Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology at Daystar University and Bachelor of Divinity (BD) at St Pauls University Limuru. Rev. Benard believes, and is proof, that education is a sure and sustainable way of emancipating the children and youths of Africa from the cycle of poverty. This is more sustainable when the beneficiaries take an active role in the processes that help them and that’s exactly what Youth Initiative Development Programme is doing!