“Participating in the YIDP program has been a life-changing experience for me. Through their comprehensive approach to youth development, I have gained valuable skills in various areas such as health, education, and poverty relief. The program has empowered me to make a positive impact in my community and contribute to sustainable change.”


“YIDP’s ICT initiatives have opened up new opportunities for young people to thrive in the digital age. Their focus on digital skills training and promoting the use of technology for social impact has empowered many youth to excel in the rapidly evolving digital economy. I am grateful for the support and resources provided by YIDP.”

Daniel Kamau; ICT Enthusiast

“YIDP’s focus on youth health and wellbeing has been instrumental in improving the lives of many young people in our community. Their initiatives, particularly in mental health and HIV awareness, have helped break the stigma surrounding these issues and provided much-needed support to those in need. I am grateful for their commitment to youth development.”

Irene Odhiambo; Community Health Worker