YIDP’s project on IT and the future for youth focuses on harnessing the potential of the digital economy, technology, artificial intelligence (AI), data, and health data to empower and uplift young people..

Here are the key areas of focus within our project:

  1. Digital Skills and Literacy: We provide training and resources to equip youth with essential digital skills and literacy. This includes basic computer skills, coding, digital marketing, data analysis, and cybersecurity. By enhancing their digital competencies, we enable young people to thrive in the digital age and access opportunities in various sectors.
  2. Tech Entrepreneurship: We foster an entrepreneurial mindset among youth by encouraging innovation, creativity, and problem-solving in the technology sector. We provide mentorship, incubation support, and access to funding opportunities for young entrepreneurs to develop and launch their tech startups. Through this, we aim to nurture a generation of tech-savvy innovators who can drive economic growth and create employment opportunities.
  3. AI and Data Science: We recognize the transformative potential of AI and data science in solving complex problems and improving decision-making processes. We provide training and workshops on AI, machine learning, and data analysis to equip young people with the skills needed to leverage these technologies effectively. By promoting AI literacy and data-driven approaches, we empower youth to contribute to the development of innovative solutions in various fields.
  4. Digital Health and Health Data: We explore the intersection of technology and healthcare to enhance access to quality healthcare services and improve health outcomes for young people. This includes leveraging health data, telemedicine, mobile health applications, and digital platforms to provide information, resources, and support for youth’s physical and mental well-being. We also promote the ethical use of health data and ensure data privacy and security.
  5. Digital Inclusion and Access: We strive to bridge the digital divide and ensure equitable access to technology and digital resources for all youth, including those from marginalized communities. We advocate for policies and initiatives that promote affordable internet connectivity, digital infrastructure development, and digital inclusion programs. By reducing barriers to access, we enable more young people to benefit from the opportunities offered by the digital economy.
  6. Collaboration and Partnerships: We collaborate with technology companies, educational institutions, government agencies, and civil society organizations to leverage their expertise, resources, and networks. Through partnerships, we aim to create synergies, share best practices, and implement innovative projects that advance the role of IT and digital technologies in youth development.

Through our project on IT and the future for youth, we aim to empower young people with the knowledge, skills, and opportunities needed to thrive in the digital era. By focusing on the digital economy, tech entrepreneurship, AI, data science, and digital health, we seek to create a supportive ecosystem that enables youth to harness the power of technology for their personal growth, economic empowerment, and contribution to society.

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