The YIDP Sustainable Livelihoods Program for Adolescents and Youth is designed to empower and support young individuals in building sustainable and resilient livelihoods. The program aims to provide opportunities for economic growth, skill development, and entrepreneurship among adolescents and youth.

Project Overview:

  1. Economic Empowerment: The program focuses on equipping young individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to engage in income-generating activities. This includes vocational training, business management skills, and access to financial resources.
  2. Skill Development: Through various training initiatives, the program aims to enhance the technical and soft skills of adolescents and youth. This includes training in areas such as digital literacy, communication, problem-solving, and critical thinking.
  3. Entrepreneurship Support: The program encourages entrepreneurial spirit among young individuals by providing mentorship, business development support, and access to market opportunities. This enables them to start and grow their own businesses, contributing to local economic development.
  4. Financial Inclusion: The program promotes financial inclusion by facilitating access to financial services, such as savings accounts, microcredit, and insurance. By enhancing financial literacy and providing access to financial resources, young individuals can better manage their finances and plan for the future.
  5. Networking and Collaboration: The program facilitates networking and collaboration among young entrepreneurs, industry experts, and stakeholders. This creates a supportive ecosystem where knowledge sharing, partnerships, and collaboration can flourish.
  6. Sustainable Practices: The program emphasizes the importance of sustainable practices in livelihoods. This includes promoting environmentally friendly and socially responsible business practices, as well as encouraging innovation and creativity in finding sustainable solutions to societal challenges.

Through the Sustainable Livelihoods Program, YIDP aims to empower adolescents and youth to become active participants in their local economies, promoting self-reliance, resilience, and sustainable development. By equipping young individuals with the necessary skills, resources, and opportunities, the program seeks to create a positive impact on their lives and contribute to the overall well-being of their communities.


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