YIDP invest in the health of the youth and community and large by assisting young people in improving and maintaining their dignity.

At YIDP, we are committed to investing in the health and well-being of youth and communities at large. Our focus areas include reproductive health, mental health, vaccination, gender-based violence (GBV), and HIV/AIDS.

Reproductive Health: We provide education, resources, and support to empower young people to make informed choices about their sexual and reproductive health. Our goal is to ensure access to quality reproductive healthcare services and promote healthy relationships.

Mental Health: We recognize the importance of mental well-being in the lives of young individuals. Through awareness campaigns, counseling services, and mental health programs, we strive to reduce stigma and provide support for those facing mental health challenges.

Vaccination: We advocate for and promote vaccination among youth to protect against vaccine-preventable diseases. Our initiatives aim to increase awareness, address vaccine hesitancy, and ensure that young people receive timely and appropriate vaccinations.

Gender-Based Violence (GBV): We work towards preventing and addressing GBV among youth. Our programs focus on education, awareness, and support services to help survivors of GBV and create a safe and inclusive environment for all.

HIV/AIDS: We are committed to HIV prevention, testing, and treatment among youth. Through awareness campaigns, HIV testing services, and support programs, we aim to reduce new infections and improve the quality of life for those living with HIV.

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