Director Communication and Marketing
Brief info

Cavins Kaumba is a highly skilled and enthusiastic professional with a strong background in Social Communication, specializing in Public Relations, TV, and video production. With a genuine passion for communication and a wealth of experience in various domains, Cavins has made significant contributions to the field of media and public relations.

As a bonafide holder of a BA in Social Communication, Cavins has received comprehensive training in communication strategies, media production, and public relations techniques. His academic background has laid a solid foundation for his successful career in the communication industry.

Cavins is greatly enthusiastic about the art of communication and has diverse experience in different areas, including print, public speaking, and broadcast media. This versatility has allowed him to engage with audiences through multiple channels, effectively conveying key messages and ensuring impactful communication.

With a specialization in TV and video production, Cavins has been involved in creating compelling content for various media platforms. His expertise in this area has enabled him to produce engaging visual narratives that resonate with audiences and drive the objectives of communication campaigns.

As the Director of Communication and Marketing at YIDP, Cavins plays a crucial role in promoting the organization’s mission and activities. His expertise in public relations allows him to develop and maintain positive relationships with stakeholders, donors, and the media, enhancing YIDP’s visibility and credibility.

Cavins has honed his research skills over time, which has become a key competency in his professional toolkit. Thorough research enables him to stay informed about industry trends, audience preferences, and best practices, ultimately guiding strategic decision-making and communication initiatives.

Driven by a strong passion for youth development, Cavins is dedicated to leveraging the power of communication to advocate for the rights and needs of young people. Through his work at YIDP, he actively contributes to empowering vulnerable youth and creating a positive impact on their lives.

Cavins Kaumba’s expertise in communication, public relations, and TV production, combined with his passion for youth development, makes him a valuable asset to the Youth Initiative Development Programme. His dedication to using effective communication strategies to drive positive change for vulnerable youth exemplifies his commitment to creating a sustainable and healthy community for young people in Africa.