Community Development Associate

Irene Odhiambo is a dedicated and compassionate Community Development Associate at the Youth Initiative Development Programme (YIDP). With a strong passion for community development and a desire to make a positive impact, she plays a vital role in engaging and empowering communities to create lasting change.

Irene firmly believes in the power of communities to drive their own development. She actively engages with local communities to understand their needs, aspirations, and challenges. By fostering open communication and collaboration, Irene works hand in hand with community members to design and implement sustainable development projects.

Recognizing the potential of young individuals as agents of change, Irene is committed to empowering youth to become active participants in their communities. Through mentorship, skills training, and capacity-building initiatives, she helps young people unlock their potential and contribute meaningfully to society.

As a skilled Community Development Associate, Irene is adept at translating community needs into actionable projects. She ensures that initiatives are effectively planned, executed, and monitored to achieve tangible results. Her ability to build strong relationships with community members and stakeholders facilitates the smooth implementation of projects.

At YIDP, Irene plays a key role in coordinating community-based programs that focus on youth empowerment, education, and social development. Her dedication to fostering an inclusive and supportive environment for youth enables them to overcome barriers and access opportunities for personal and collective growth.

Irene’s passion for social impact drives her to advocate for sustainable solutions to community challenges. She believes that by working together and harnessing the potential of both young people and communities, positive change can be achieved.

Irene holds a community development diploma and has 3 years of experience in community development and project coordination. Her educational background, combined with her on-the-ground experience, equips her with the knowledge and skills to drive meaningful change in communities.

Irene Odhiambo’s unwavering commitment to community development and youth empowerment makes her an invaluable asset to the Youth Initiative Development Programme. Through her passion, dedication, and expertise, she continues to be a driving force behind positive change and sustainable development in the communities she serves.