Brief info

Mr. Isaac is a dedicated and visionary leader who serves as the Chairman of the Youth Initiative Development Programme (YIDP). With a passion for youth empowerment and education, he has been instrumental in driving positive change and creating opportunities for vulnerable youth aged 8 to 35 years.

As the Chairman of YIDP, Mr. Isaac has played a pivotal role in designing and implementing life skills training and employability programs that target young individuals facing socio-economic challenges. Under his leadership, the organization has made significant strides in providing youth with essential skills and tools to improve their prospects for a better future.

His expertise in the field of education has been instrumental in shaping YIDP’s initiatives and ensuring they align with the unique needs of the youth they serve. Mr. Isaac strongly believes that education is a powerful catalyst for social and economic transformation, especially for marginalized youth.

At the core of Mr. Isaac’s philosophy is the belief that every young person deserves the opportunity to thrive and contribute positively to society. He is driven by the conviction that with the right support and guidance, vulnerable youth can overcome challenges and unlock their full potential.

As an advocate for youth empowerment, Mr. Isaac emphasizes the importance of equipping young individuals with practical skills and knowledge that are relevant to the modern job market. He firmly believes that empowering youth with education and life skills not only transforms their lives but also uplifts entire communities.

Beyond his work in education, Mr. Isaac is a dedicated advocate for healthy lifestyle and wellness. He firmly believes that physical and mental well-being are fundamental pillars for personal growth and success. In his role as Chairman, he actively promotes initiatives that foster healthy living and wellness among the youth, encouraging them to lead balanced lives

Under Mr. Isaac’s leadership, YIDP has expanded its reach and impact, positively influencing the lives of countless young people. The organization’s programs have received recognition and support from various stakeholders, including governmental bodies, NGOs, and private sector partners.

As a seasoned expert in education and youth development, Mr. Isaac has been invited to speak at conferences and forums, sharing his insights on effective strategies for empowering youth and creating sustainable change.

Mr. Isaac remains committed to the mission of YIDP and is continuously seeking innovative ways to enhance the organization’s programs and initiatives. His dedication to empowering vulnerable youth and promoting inclusive education drives him to collaborate with diverse stakeholders to create a brighter future for young people in the community.