Kenya is a very youthful country. Those aged between 18 and 35 make up approximately 75% of Kenya’s population, unfortunately, a large percentage of this population is unemployed and feels marginalized in terms of access to opportunities, representation, and participation.

With a youthful population, Kenya stands on the runway of economic take-off if they improved policies which already in place to harness the energy, creativity, and entrepreneurship that young people have to offer. The youth are an economic force that can both drive and create demand for goods and services especially due to the growing digital economy today.

However, even with this major advantage, these countries also face the attendant risk of ensuring that their youths do not fall prey to political machinations that can turn them into dynamite, especially in the run-up to general elections. How then can Kenya position itself to benefit from its youthful demographic while avoiding the potential political pitfall?

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