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Currently, in the wake of religious conflicts around the world, We intend to introduce interfaith dialogues to facilitate intercultural and religious understanding and tolerance. Although the participation of young people in interfaith dialogue and its impact on education is crucial to its sustainability, the literature on youth and interfaith has been very limited. We need to introduce a gap by probing the significance or impact of interfaith on the views of our youth respondents on other religions. The view of our youth respondents show that interfaith dialogues do not have to begin and end in theological discussions. The significance of interfaith revolves around the person(and not his or her religion), friendships, and collective participation in the community. We use these insights to reconnect on their possible implications on the conduct of education in Kenya. Three areas are explored: the necessity of interfaith dialogue within education, the feasibility of implementing it in the classroom, and its potential for youth empowerment.

YIDP is committed to raising awareness of the important role cross-cultural human connections play in solving global concerns together including the underserved aspect of positive interfaith relations. We encourage schools, religious and interculturally enlightened organizations and communities to work together to find innovative and practical ways to foster positive personal connections across religions.