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Youth Initiative Development Programme (YIDP) is a registered organization under section 10 of the Non-Governmental Coordination Board Act. We seek to inspire and empower vulnerable youths through training, strengthen community bonds, and promote volunteerism and philanthropy.

Since its inception in May 2015, YIDP has been actively engaging with the young talented youths their dreams were shuttered because of poverty. We are passionate about helping these potential youths to achieve their dreams to become avid learners, to lead with compassion, and to succeed on a healthy journey to adulthood.



To promote access to health care, education, ICT and nurture talents through sports among the youth and the community at large.



To see all youths in the community identify and develop their talents, become meaningful contributors in their communities towards developments, and lead fulfilled, productive lives.

Specific Objectives

  1. To promote awareness on affordable healthy living among youths and community at large.
  2. To build, renovate where necessary, source and equip rural health facilities with equipment, drugs and experts.
  3. To educate and sensitize rural communities on endemic diseases including malaria, anemia, tuberculosis, cancer, asthma and diabetes and provide support to the affected.
  4. To provide education to unprivileged children and youths and help them to build up their bright future. Through building schools and paying school fees as well as giving scholarships
  5. To conduct various competition in order to encourage their hidden talents
  6. To spot talented children and youths from poor families in art, athletics, games and music and help them to develop their talents in the concerned filed
  7. To encourage and support innovative approaches to existing social and educational structures for better impact on the welfare and development of the children, adolescents and youths.
  8. To provide education bursaries to needy students particularly from vulnerable group, disadvantaged families and marginalized communities
  9. To provide various ICT trainings to unprivileged children and youths who have shown interest in the community as the key to socio-economic growth to enhance the standard of living of the society and increase efficiency.
  10. To provide various ICT equipment to the poor institutions and support youths offer trainings in computer related courses and also provide internet to the village institutions where youths shown interests of doing research.
  11. To raise funds for the operations and surgeries of the needy or any other endemic disease that require financial support like cancer, sickle cell anemia among others.